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The Fabulous Chocally!!

In the land of Its The Thought we have gone Christmas mad!!  I have decided it’s never too early to get into the Christmas spirit!  You lot have gone crazy for the lovely snowmen and festive chocolate trios that we have been putting into our Christmas gift boxes, I thought it was time to introduce the lady behind them!

Meet the lovely Cally!

Here are a few words from the lady herself:

“I have always had the passion and love for baking from a young age when I used to bake every weekend with my Nana.
We used to make her famous choc chip buns and chewy crispy slices. It only felt right to live on her culinary love.
It all started in my little kitchen where it still remains for the time being. I used to simply make little chocolate treats for birthday gifts and as people really enjoyed what I made I wanted to spread the enjoyment, it then grew from there once I started to think about a business name”.

I love that is all started back in her little kitchen.  Hard to believe when you see the amazing chocolates that she creates!!

“I mainly focus on selling my products online from my website but alongside that I do attend farmer’s/craft markets from time to time. I love meeting and chatting to people about Chocally and these give great opportunity to do this. Plus it’s always a great way to see my customer’s reactions first hand from the samples I give out. I think it’s good to be able to put a face to my business and just simply give people the chance to have a little chat with me. I enjoy them”.

If you haven’t already, you should pop to Chocally’s website and see the insane list of unusual flavoured chocolates!!  It is making my mouth water just thinking about them!  Cally told us how she comes up with her crazy but delicious creations…

“When creating a new product I begin with an initial idea which may come from nature, a random thought or from customer requests. I then experiment in the kitchen with the flavours that I have in mind and then a little chocolate treat is born. After that I think what selection it should be part of and the packaging is designed from my initial illustrations that I do for each selection box. I then scan my images and design them into a packaging layout which I print and assemble together to complete the finished product”.

This is certainly one supplier I couldn’t be without!  Her creations are fabulous, everything from the gorgeous packaging to the tasty treats she whips up!

See for yourself at www.chocally.co.uk & www.facebook.com/chocally


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